Weather resistant

Weather resistant

Thanks to the even texture of the pour and hence to the absence of micro-cracks, PHYSIOLick bucket is stable to variations of temperature and humidity. Rain can’t get into the product and dissolve it; the sun can’t dry it out. The poured bucket retains an even consistency, whereas the consistency of the pressed bucket varies according to rainwater or evaporation.

In extreme conditions, thanks to the pour process, PHYSIOLick bucket remains an even texture which enables a regular consump­tion by the animals.

The consistency of the product allow itself a perfect adhesion to the packaging, it means that can assure a complete consumption and no waste of product if the bucket accidentally turns upside-down

The texture thanks to the exclusive manufacturing process, while guaranteeing weather resistance and homogenous aging of the product when exposed to temperature fluctuation and humidity, ensure the preservation of sensible components such a vitamins and yeast, giving highly efficiency to the product