Perfect conservation calypac

Perfect conservation: Calypac

Since 1997 Neovia has developed an exclusive, patented sealing system: the Calypac process. This consists of a strong airtight plastic film placed over the mouth of the bucket and ensuring a perfect seal. Calypac system is considerably better than traditional sealing system (plastic lid, carton…).  It ensures optimal conservation of PHYSIOLick the freshness and of the vitamins as well as a total protection against any external contamination. A recent upgrade of the plastic film allows us to also protect our product from UV oxidation. This upgrade, thanks to the mixture of additives during the complexing/lamination, the plastic film creates an ultraviolet exposure barrier.

It allows to reinforce the conservation properties of the film avoiding organoleptic deterioration and changes in color. This significantly reduce the aging and the maturation of the products.


The Calypac packaging system permits to:

  • Keep freshness of product over time,
  • Guarantee a perfect preservation of all nutrients for 12 months, thanks to the airtight seal
  • Protect perfectly products against external contamination: weather, pests, dust…
  • Store and stack easily product indoor or outdoor.
  • Guarantee a complete consumption due to perfect adhesion to the packaging