Optimum balanced formulation

Optimum-balanced formulation

The formulation, characterized by an optimum balance between the sweet and sour elements, triggers spontaneous licking by the animals and ensures regular consumption of the licking buckets throughout the day. As a result, the nutrients (sugars, salt, minerals, trace elements, chelated trace elements and vitamins) are not taken all at once and are better assimilated.

Consumption varies within a defined interval depending on animals and on farms conditions (factors such as ration, weather, production status…). This lead to an average consumption of 150 g/cow/day.



Thanks to its controlled consumption, PHYSIOLick is also a barometer to detect troubles in your farm. Each time you’ll see an over or under consumption it will help you to detect nutritional problem and/or metabolic trouble such as:

  • Mineral deficiency
  • Health troubles
  • Stress
  • Acidosis


The optimum balanced formulation adapted to the different physiological stages and species represent a real vector of well-being.

The regular consumption guarantees a long-acting effect on the animal’s well-being due to:

  • The satisfaction of the ruminant’s licking need
  • The satisfaction of the animals need to explore their surroundings
  • The optimization of the ration and the digestive comfort
  • The mineral; energy and dietary self-service supply