How to use

Supply the adapted number of bucket

Before using PHYSIOLick buckets on your farm, be sure to give enough buckets for the number of animals you will feed:

  • Too low buckets regarding to the amount of heads might decrease consumption
  • Excess of buckets can lead to an over-consumption of 10 to 25%

To avoid this under or over-consumption, place one bucket for:
– 5 to 10 calves of young cattle
– 20 to 30 sheep and goats
– 8 to 10 mature cattle

Select the best spot to place your buckets

Spot where you place the buckets is also very important! To ensure an optimal consumption by every animal you feed, be sure you place buckets in a frequented area (not in a corner of the building, not front of the dominant cow’s cubicle….). Select a place where animals are going everyday such as water point, hayrack, pasture or building entrance…). Use a bucket carrier to raise buckets at 60 centimeters from the floor. Height can influence consumption and 60cm appear to be the best height to ensure an optimal consumption.


FI’XO Buckets Holder


Neovia has developed an exclusive range of bucket holders named FI’XO. 3 buckets are available to optimize your utilization of PHYSIOLick products: Fixo Uno, Fixo Duetto and Fixo Small. Thanks to them, distribution of buckets will be easier and, if correctly placed in the farm, consumption will be optimal. FI’XO small permits to supply one bucket for small ruminants. FI’XO Uno is a reinforced version of FI’XO small. It permits to supply one bucket for big ruminants. FI’XO Duetto permits to supply 2 buckets in a same time. It’s the perfect tool for you if you want to supply 2 different product in the same time!