About Neovia

Neovia is a leading player in animal nutrition and health which operates in seven business lines: complete feed, aquaculture, pet care, premix/firm services, additives & ingredients, animal health, and analysis laboratories. The company generates a turnover of 1.6 billion euros, deals with 72 production sites, operates in 28 countries and has 7,700 employees (as of end of June 2016).
Neovia offers a new way to meet the challenges of feed, food safety, and reasoned use of resources. Its business strategy is resolutely global, innovative, and distinctive. This strategy aims to build a unique and resilient business model, based on a multi-activity, multi-species and multi-geography approach, and which is consistent with sustainable growth.
Its seven business lines combined with its presence in five geographical areas and its expertise in many animal species (more than 140 species experts) allows Neovia to provide individualised responses to each customer and market. This approach is source of shared benefits and a real driver for innovation, value creation, and differentiation.

Neovia, a new way to meet feed and food challenges: innovative science feeding mankind.

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