R&D expert team

Neovia has a recognized and powerful R&D department. As we always focus on bringing innovation and services to our client, all of our products are tested on field, in our research farm before to be in our range of product.

Neovia teams are made up of around150 people, including more than 40 engineers and phD. People from R&D department are highly qualified in animal nutrition and health but also in livestock and farm management and biochemistry. These experts are devoted to do experimental trials in line with ISO quality standards.

Creation and edition of new formula are done by our formulation team and species expert. Selection and screening of new raw materials (better assimilation, more palatable, environmentally friendly, and more profitable to solve animal problems…) is done by researcher in our laboratory. Packaging, buckets holder and all the things around products are also tested in our research farm

Our team also ensures a constant monitoring of the different products produced by NEOVIA. For this reason, we realize number of trials on dairy cow in order to collect zootechnical results, consumption and behavior data of different species and for different physiological status. These trials are made in order to answer problematic and interrogations of different kind of breeding systems whom differ in each country.  

Recently, we focused more on the texture of our licking buckets. Measurements day to day are taken thanks to a specific tool before dispatching a new PHYSIOLick reference on the market.