Thanks to our past in the dairy industry, NEOVIA factory benefits of a fully stainless steel production line. This ensures sanitation and safety, as well as a very acute and attentive Quality Control.
Quality and safety are among our top priorities since creation of factory in 1993:

1997: Creation and patenting of CALYPAC seal system guaranteeing long shelf life, freshness and protection from external contaminations. Factory was certificated ISO 9001.

1998: GMP certification

2003: QS “Quality and Safety” certification (specific reference to sale product in Germany)

2006: Implementation of barcode traceability which enables to trace any product. If we have any problem, it is possible to find link between a bucket, raw materials used to produce it and name of operator who was working on it.

2007: Automate to realize micro-dosage has been installed in order to do accurate dosage of delicate and sensitive ingredients (plant extract, yeast, additives…) to guarantee the exact composition of our products.

2008: Automation of our liquid incorporation systems, guaranteeing product regularity and enabling us to combine different liquids in one product.

2011: NUTRILAC becomes the first French company to obtain the “BPAM” certificate, the guide to good working practices for mineral food product manufacture.
These certificates and investments confirm our commitment here at NUTRILAC to guarantee superior quality products for our clients, controlled at every phase of manufacture from delivery of the raw materials to dispatch of our finished products.