Cool mix process


Thanks to an innovative technology called pouring technology, our process is unique. A mixture of solide raw materials (premix, minerals, additives…) and liquid ones (molasses and lactoserum) create a paste which cakes in the bucket. We don’t use heat or pressure, the caking process is totally natural. This technology enables incorporation of sensitive elements in our buckets such as vitamins, plant extract which is not possible with the standard blocks available in the market.


Benefits of the pouring process

Rich in nutrients

Thanks to other activites to NEOVIA group, we are not only licking buckets manufacturer but we also do our own premix and additives to enrich PHYSIOLick buckets. Our products are enriched with essentials nutrients for ruminants (vitamins, minerals, additives…) according to the physiologic needs we want to answer. This explains why each formula is so unique.

Resistant to weather variations

Directly link to the pouring process, texture and regularity of product is unequaled. Consequently, PHYSIOLick buckets present no micro-cracks and remain stable when faced with rain, humidity changes or high temperature. Product will never melt under water or become hard while temperatures are high. Compared to the pressed bucket, where the texture varies with the absorption and evaporation of rainwater, the consistence of the poured bucket stays regular

A complete and controlled consumption

Coolmix process permits and optimal adhesion of the product into the bucket which avoids loses in case of the bucket is spilled by the animals. No waste, complete and controlled consumption of the product by animals!