Logo FI'XO - How to use
Neovia has developed a new patented range of bucket holders named FI’XO. Three buckets holders are available to optimize your utilization of PHYSIOLick products: Fixo Uno, Fixo Duetto and Fixo Small. With these 3 buckets holders, all farm situations got an adapted solution. Use FI’XO to facilitate distribution of buckets and optimize the consumption by animals optimal. All the FI’XO are easy to put on and remove from fences to facilitate the crossing of machinery. To obtain FI’XO for your farm contact your local retailer or send us an email.
Picture fixo duetto - How to use
Logo FI'XO Duetto - How to use
Supply two different buckets easily using FI’XO Duetto
Logo FI'XO Uno - How to use
Picture FI'XO uno - How to use
You won’t have any more problem of broken material using FI’XO with bulls
Picture FI'XO small
Logo FI'XO Small - How to use
Easy to place and remove, the lighter version of FI’XO is ideal to supply PHYSIOLick to your sheep and goats